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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Teefa in Trouble | Movie Review

Teefa in trouble has been the biggest opener in Pakistani cinema so far, as quoted in Wikipedia. Although my likings for movie doesn’t depend on the box-office collection, I just believe in the entertainment value of the film. Being one of the fans of “Ali Zafar”, I thought let's give it a shot and I watched it on Netflix.

Well, to be honest, I was going to quit after watching for some time but then the story started getting interesting and the cinematic value improved as the movie progressed. I was wrong thinking that a low budget movie might not be that good in terms of the cinematic effect. But this movie is an excellent example for movie buffs like me. I watched every single scene with full interest. Sometimes, I had to repeat the scene to appreciate the cinematographer. Some hard-to-believe situations carried out very well.

Ali Zafar has done a brilliant job with narration. Though I think the movie is a bit long but the catchy dialogues, good writing and creative camera angles kept me glued to the screen.

There are some really larger-than-life shots, especially in Poland. They took care of details, for example, In an action sequence, when a car was ran over in one scene, some of its parts were shown in the next scene to maintain the continuity. Even fight scenes were good to watch just because of the continuity followed very well. In the climax, when Ali is done with a long fighting scene, there were about 7-8 villains still to fight with, I thought, oh man again there is going to be a long fight scene, it's too much now. But then, to my surprise, they showed in a time lapse of photographs when the train goes in a tunnel, that was brilliant to avoid the repetition.

I liked when Ali and Maya were sitting on the roof and spend the night there, she says "Yahan raat ko aksar thand badh jati hai" (It's quite cold here sometimes). As a gentleman, Ali is supposed to give his jacket to her. I was thinking, what a cliche man!. But to my surprise, thanks to the writers, Ali gave her the jacket. He made her feel special, without being romantic, because he is not suppose to be her hero yet. The scene ended with a witty comment about cold. (No spoiler attack :). Go watch the movie).

"Chan Ve" song is okay, good for humming with a romantic feel. "Item Number" song is good for its lyrics, very catchy, peppy and new. "Sajna door" song is amazing. It starts with English lyrics when Maya sings then Ali takes over with a mix of Punjabi and Hindi lyrics. I liked it for its lyrics and overall feel. Other songs are average neither bad nor very good.

Overall, I liked the movie very much and would recommend for Hindi movie lovers and filmmakers.


  1. Nice review with the insider's insights into the technical details. I liked it. The movie is quite alright, but the cinematography and music make it worth watching. The story is nothing amazing, very predictable but give the audience what they want and it is entertaining overall so why not. It's definitely worth a watch.

    1. I totally agree with you, it's definitely worth a watch.

  2. Finally, I watched the movie. Your review is on point. The best thing in the movie is the cinematography.



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