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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Saab, Delhi se aye ho kya?

Living in the city other than your native, is totally amazing experience. One should try once in a lifetime to live in different city, out of the comfort zone. For me Living in Mumbai is not that tough, it depends on what decisions you take, whether it is choosing a place to stay, or choosing a mode of transport from office to home. I generally prefer Auto rather than bus, it saves time and energy. If Auto is not available, I prefer taxi rather than waiting for Auto. So, it all depends on how you manage little things in life. But yes, it is tough to live away from your family. I miss the tasty home made food.

So, on that other day, I was going towards metro station. I asked the banana seller how much for a dozen. It was some 30 bucks for a dozen. I chose to have 4 bananas for Rs. 10, and started eating there. While I was eating, I asked him don’t you keep Masaala? (a mixture of salt and spices). First he looked at me totally surprised like I asked his kidney, then he asked “Saab, Delhi se aaye ho kya?”. Me without being offended of being a Delhiite asked: “Haan, kyu masaala kya sirf delhi wale hi khaate hein?
Aur kya saab, yahan agar Masaala laga ke bechunga, to mujhe maarenge aur

Hmm, then I concluded, it is like selling Milk with mixing water in it. But anyways, I completed my last banana, and went off.


  1. Haha! He wouldn't have given you a second look had you asked for his kidney. That would've been Mumbaiya! :P

  2. I can't believe you didn't bring your own masala from Delhi. In Maharashtra the food tastes are very different, and obviously, much inferior to the North. ;)



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