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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Resolution 2012

My Resolution for the coming year is “to blog more”

Yes, I want to start continue blogging, cuz I’ve very few posts as compare to my 3 years of blogging career. I’ve lot’s of topic in my mind. So, coming year would be full of posts here.

Although I never take resolutions, as I don’t drink, never smoke, nor I’ve any other bad habit, so there’s nothing I need to avoid. I’m really happy with my life J , then why taking resolution this year?

So the thing is, I want to explore more, I want to live more, I want to grab more, and I feel blogging can help me to achieve these things by discussing life lessons with bloggers.
I’m feeling some happiness in my heart for the coming year, there’s few reasons behind it. One is this is a Leap year, and by now every leap year has been good for me as I can count some milestones of my life in the past leap years. When I look back those were great years of my life, I felt more energetic, more confident, and more satisfied. But I’m also looking for the thing that how can I make my every year as good as leap year.

Second is I’m planning some improvement plans in myself, like Quick decision, taking responsibilities of little things in my life. And more over I want to reduce the time between thinking and doing. As of now I think too much and do nothing, as a great man said: “Thinking without doing is a Daydream, and doing without thinking is a Nightmare”
So, coming year would definitely be my best year cuz I’m focusing on doing more than just thinking.

I also feel there’s no such date for taking resolutions, we can decide anytime, like if we want to try new things then we should go and do it, if anything we know is harmful or bugging us we should avoid it immediately, that’s it. We have to be little strict to our self. As we say in hindi: “Jab jaago tabhi saveraa”

Btw, I’d request you all to drop your comment for your resolutions of this year, I’d be glad to hear you. Even if you didn’t take any resolution, you can at least write what you feel after reading this. I’m sure you must be thinking something worth sharing, you are most welcome!


  1. I am happy that you have taken this resolution, it's a good beginning. I'd suggest that you add one more "Read more". Reading anything would help, you can start with blogs and move on to books or in any order that you like.

    Being an ex-teacher and a tester I can't help correcting you :) - "Thought without action is a daydream, action without thought is a nightmare". It's a Japanese proverb.

    I wish you luck with your resolution and hope to read more posts on your blog. :)

  2. "resolutions are made to be broken".....said by me...:-)...But i wish u will reach to your goal...Happy New Year dear...

  3. Take blogging as u take playing your music instrument just out of joy, playfully resolution would be too heavy and it feels like a duty to be delivered
    It feels quite strange to me to take resolutions every year.. why to wait for one whole year??
    the moment u understand that u shouldn't do that or u should do that then u just start following that understanding...
    I'm still a resolution-less person and I've no resolution to continue or discontinue it... ;)



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