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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai

Indian Film Industry is quite disappointing me for last few months, I mean kuch movies ko chod kar agar baat karein to kya bakwaas movies ban rahi hein. Just baseless movies.
Although direction is good, dialogues are good even music direction could be quite ok. But they are just like walls without base and roof. I consider the story as base and climax as roof, Most of the movies are lack of these basic elements.
And yet for every third movie they think to getting Oscar, I mean what's going on to our Story writers? And why Yash Chopra didn't bring hope after veer zaara?
Are we running out of talented writers? or they are not brought up? I can count number of bullshit movies, for example:

Yamla Pagla Deewana.
Comedy good, dialogues good, music excellent, star cast good. But story bullshit, climax quite disappointing. Sach mein yaar isse acha to comedy circus dekh lo.

Same thing for No Problem movie. Another example is Tees Maar khan. Not to speak of "Golmaal 3" This movie was only made to proove that there is it's first part and still better than all sequals.
Hiss dekh ke to vomit karne ka man karta hai, what a **** movie was that? Have they gone mad or what?
Patiala House ko hi dekh lo, I mean they really think kisi bhi 4-5 movies ki story ko ek sath mila do acha sa music de do film hit. Aur kuch movies to hit bhi ho jati hein,

Are our audience dumb? or they just watch whatever is going on the screen.
Tanu weds Manu, Movie chahe kaisi bhi ho... Packing aisi karte hein ki gift dene wala aur lene wala dono proud feel karte hein. Jab unwrap karo to there's nothing more than crap.

I mean ek taraf "Welcome" and "Hey baby" jaise excellent example and dusri taraf "Housefull" and "Khatta-meetha". Action Replay ke bare me to bolne ki zarurat hi nahi hai. Ye to aisi movie hai, I can surely say while doing the movie Akshay and aishwarya would have quite sure that movie will not run well, I mean they are not fool, no body is fool, then why they make such horrible movies? cast & crew work for money only? Director do his job and went away? I'm not getting the freaking idea of making useless movies.

Ravan based on Ramayana, Rajneeti based on Mahabharata. I mean really yaar inko bolo ki kahin ilaaj karwayein seriously.

Dabang bhi bakwaas. Ye movies sirf dialogues and music ki wajah se chal jati hein, on the other hand

"Wanted" was excellent movie in terms of Story, Climax (I loved it), music and of course dialogues.

3 idiots is quite good, based on strong story and stylish climax.

Band baja baarat & Do dooni char had different track of stories.

Love aaj kal was EXCELLENT movie.

But on the other hand there's "I hate love story" and "Break ke baad" made-to-burn movies.

Anyways my point is: I can't believe while making such kind of horrible movies they don't assume of their result, of course they'd know cuz they are the movie makers here for years and yet they make baseless movies, why?

Or they are just following the Indian attitude of selling...
Kabhi Naye Packet mein bechein tum ko cheez purani.... Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani.... Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, let me enlighten you then. Or as they say, here are my 2 cents.

    There are 2 reasons why people make movies. Actually, there are a lot of reasons to make a movie but there are 2 basic reasons.
    1. When you have a story you want to tell the world. It's a way of expressing yourself through your movies.
    2. To make money. To be rich and famous and want people to say, "Oh Pappa ji, tussi great ho!"

    The people in first category make good movies even with a small budget and an off-the-track topic, they make movies that people remember for decades. Example, Mughal-e-Azam.

    The people in second category, how do they make money. There's a formula.

    1. Get a "good" story written. Which basically means steal good scenes from successful Hollywood and Bollywood movies and mix them up in a flimsy story.
    2. Cast name actors. All movies you have named as crap think about what actors played the main part in them.
    3. Get some fast, chaloo, good music made and some racy, catchy songs. Again, good music means copy and catchy songs means vulgar lyrics.
    4. Market the movie using the 1000 TV channels we have now, as well as posters, ads that kind of stuff.
    5. Use the music for marketing the movie further. Think how long before the release of the movie you heard "Sheela Ki Jawaani"?
    6. Release the music with a big show and fanfare and sell CDs.
    7. Hire good, professional crew to make a well-directed movie.
    8. Release the movie in cineplexes all over the country at one go so millions of people can see it within one week.
    9. Count your money and roll around in it before depositing it in your already fat bank account.

    That's the formula. If you can do that, even you can make profitable (I didn't say good) movies.
    All these movies you are bashing, they all do good business. I'd bet you even money that none of them brought a loss to the filmmakers.

    Footnote - "Hey baby" was based on old English movie "Three Men and a Baby". Watch the original then watch "Hey Baby". You'll puke.

    The audience will see anything because they need something to get out of the house. Everybody has their reasons. To quote MJ Fox from "The American President" - "People will drink sand because they have no other choice!"



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