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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dreams can change your life

Why we dream? Why our science still not perfectly sure about dreaming? But still it’s the important part of our life. No I'm not gonna answer these questions here, I'm not that intelligent :), but I'd like to share my thinking about dreams, I dream a lot quite a lot, even sometimes it seems like day dreaming, but in those dreams I always make plan for everything, I call it dreaming for something and you get that or try to get that. This is just to make the difference about night dreams and Life’s goal which is also called dream. I’m talking about dreaming the Dream. Dream for the dream you want in your life.

Before Sleep »

It happens to me a lot I dream something really exciting just before the sleep. Those few minutes of my night are amazing; it gives me idea for the thing I'm stick to. Like I got idea of new design layout of my current project or sometimes I got interesting lines of literature in my mind to put that in Ghazal or poem. I'm not poet but somewhere in the corner of my heart I love to compile poems. Sometime I got almost brilliant idea to start a new thing. But I never know why I get creative ideas only before getting sleep when my eyes and body don't even bother to pick up the pen and paper. Sometimes I think of preserve the idea in mind and postpone noting it down next day, but then there's a risk of forgetting it or being un-priorities. So I've started typing it in my phone. But even then the Mood and the idea of creating something new, doing something interesting has been killed by the time. But still sometime I happened to wake up from bed and do it at the moment, for example I'm writing this blog entry just now before sleeping :)

Before die »

Do you think after die where would you go? Or do you believe in re-birth? I believe in it. When you are going to die and just before few seconds of your death; whatever you think that decides your new birth where will you born or what you are gonna be. I believe that just before the last sleep of life whatever we dream, whatever we think, it comes true in next birth because at that time our subconscious mind active at its best. On the other hand every time you get into sleep the last thing you had in mind decides your dreams and decides your decisions of that situation and answers your questions you are stick to.

For example when I met a girl on a date and rejoice her with my company, sometimes I feel that there's a strange thought coming into my mind but couldn't come, but at the same night just before sleep It happens to recall the same mood but this time same thought comes in my mind straight. And whatever you did in the day, all the things comes like flash back just before the sleep, you don't have to do it deliberately, it comes naturally, I don't know about others but this happens to me. So my point here is think for the better of you, what you want to be in next day, think for the best mood you had in past and always dream your Dream, that will surely gonna make it come true and happens to answer all your queries. Same thing applies to the re-birth. Your thoughts are going to build yourself, your future and your personality.

As India's former president well said: “Dream is not what you see in sleep, dream is the thing which doesn't let you sleep.” - A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

And Dream is the thing which decides your next birth, which decides your path and track of life. So always dream your Dream, keep it in mind in your healthy mind, it'll definitely gonna come true.

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