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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't let your memories be better than your Dreams

I love my friends.

I really love them all. In fact from the beginning of my life they have an incredible impact on my mind. I cannot find out which friend I like most or which is like just another. But here situation is different. Let me clear it. Actually when I left my school after 5th class, I really missed my friends, specially girls. (I left means, I upgraded to the next school, that doesn't mean I left studying :) But I hardly have those childhood friends now. and this continuous as well as when I also left the next school, then after it on and on. But here situation is different as I told before. These are the friends I cannot forget at all. Though they can be too busy in their life or may be I won't be able to took out the time for the older friends. But even then I 'm expecting much from my true friends, like if I go long then they would surely try to be in contact, because If they are my friends so obviously they will respect me when I'll call & invite them to come on the central park.

As far as my older friends are concerned like Geeta, Nisha, Irshaad & Rahul they are still my good friends but they call very few, occasionally. But I still respect them for the time they spend with me. I can call it the golden period on my life.

And as well as here I would Like to thanx all of my friends: Anuja, Sandeep, Ravi, Poonam, Shristy, Piyush, Pushpender etc. (acha acha Deepika david bhi.. :-) I learnt a lot from them. They are just superb. some good moments and some bad moments I got to spend with them. For this I really thankful of my God, Parents, and they all who make me to come in YMCA.

This Idea was from the beginning to make any video of all my friends and place it on my blog. but I didn't expected to myself that it would be that great (I always appreciate my work). Though my friends (Best Friends) will always remain in my memories, but still if I couldn't make it happen to meet them or join them or anything in the future. Please forgive me. In this video I tried my best to make it funny or energetic, so that nobody, including me, will feel lonely or weep or try to convince himself sympathetically. that is why I put my best and energetic songs.
I hope you will like it. and still if you find any mistake in it then don't argue with me. :-)

If you like it or didn't like it. Please leave a comment below. I'll bring some newest stuff on my blog.


  1. thanx to this blog and team members who decorate those precious memories,who sometimes lead tears from our eyes.......

    aisa ahsas jaise ki ek mala main sare moti, sunder si wo motion ki mala
    thankx again

  2. Thank you very much for your comments aa. Mr. ya miss. jo bhi ho aap.
    Plz write your name or url after leaving comments. I made this video myself but without the cast members It couldn't be done. So I always advise to everyone for having the digital camera or Mobile, because the moments you share with your friends cannot be spend again. Hey this reminds me the song "Jo pal tumhare saath me guzre kya phir wo aayenge...
    Gulshan me khil kar phool phir masti me kya lehrayenge..." (Album: Tera Mera Pyar) you can find it here: http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=S20dzeFTxfE
    This is the Antaraa so you have to watch it fully. Lol...

  3. Very nice work it reminds me my older days with my friends and my institute.
    Lagta hai jaise wo time phir se lautkar aa hai,I fill like that time come back again and I'm living those days.I'll want to give one message to my friends
    "In sitaron ki roshni ko apni ankho me rakhna sambhal ke badi lambi ye raat hogi
    nikal pade hai sabhi apni raahon par
    phir kisi mod pe mulakat hogi"

  4. Thank you Sandeep,
    to let me know that you liked it. Though some of the credit goes to you too, of making this video, specially the last credit session. But Otherwise also, when I was making it I was in a deep thinking of those days when we were together. And that is why I always prefer to add snaps of the incidents when we were in those days. Just to feel this feeling in a better way.
    Keep commenting

  5. Great Frinedship sprit, I saw video that is awesome... Great great job. It shows all that should be in it.

    Sanjay Pal

  6. Thanx Sanjay, your words matters a lot to me. I'm glad that you liked it.

  7. Feeling so good as you have mentioned my name first in your friend list..... Lol... Jokes apart... Very nicely written...



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